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Time Building in our C150 – “Butterscotch”

Just as the name implies, your memories of flying Butterscotch will be sweet and your landings will be smooth as butter.

Our VFR only Cessna 150 is a great airplane to fly. It is a super clean, Garmin 430 equipped, and when leaned out you are not going to burn a lot of fuel. You can build the hours you need while making the most of your time building experience.  Just like a rental car, we’ll have the tanks filled and ready to go for you. We only ask that you return the aircraft with the same amount of fuel it contained when you departed on your journey.

Innovative Aviation will provide a checkout prior to signing you off to solo the aircraft.  We try to keep prices low by taking care of the airplane. So we ask that all pilots check the oil, go easy on brakes, and run at a reasonable cruise power setting as recommended by the POH. 

Please note that our prices below are quoted as a dry rate not inclusive of sales tax.

2023 Block Rates

5 Hour Block – $350 ($70/hr)
10 Hour Block – $650 ($65/hr)
15 Hour Block – $900 ($60/hr)
20 Hour Block – $1,100 ($55/hr)

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